Reiki Testimonials

Frankie's Story

"The journey with Frankie, my 14 year old female cat, started 11 years ago on Thanksgiving Day. As I walked home from a family dinner in NYC, I passed the palm reading storefront that was shut down by the city the week before.  Only on this particular day the paper on the window was scratched off, and inside I could see a cat crying. After a closer look, I could tell this kitty was in bad shape and had been locked in the empty space for over a week. After tracking down the landlord and spending most of the day catching a feral starving cat, we finally made it to the vet. This marked the first day of my love affair with Frankie.

The vet informed me she had bruises on her stomach from being kicked, multiple infections, the organs were shutting down from no food/water and she was in heat.  I knew it would be a long road to healing, and said “where do we begin”?  As we dealt with each issue, more dilemmas surfaced. Frankie was deathly afraid of humans, only knew food that was categorized a "mouse" (she was clearly taken in as an animal confined to a basement to keep rodents at bay), had decayed teeth and needed a few surgeries for digestive disorders. To top it off she now had a lump on her mammary gland.

After solving the serious issues, the lump was removed and teeth were fixed.  The vet then confirmed the worst. Frankie had aggressive mammary carcinoma (breast cancer), and was given 4-6 months to live. Frankie not only survived the six months, but we went another year before the 2nd tumor surfaced.  Unfortunately, tests and x-rays showed the cancer had spread and surgery wasn’t an option.  Making her comfortable and giving her as much love as possible was all I could do, and I gladly stepped up to the task.  Six months later the tumor ulcerated, leaving an open wound on the mammary gland.  The doctor gave her a maximum of a few months.  By now I realized Frankie was beyond being a fighter, and doctors and timing meant nothing to her. 

I began looking at alternative methods for what I call “kitty hospice”, which we’ve now been in almost 3 years.  I'm a believer when the quality of life no longer exists, it's time to say goodbye. However, as I write this, Frankie is eating, purring, jumping on furniture and running up and down the stairs.  I believe wholeheartedly this is due to adding two simple steps in Frankie’s routine, Reiki and Silver spray for wound cleaning.

How did I find Reiki?  After seeing an ad for pet Reiki, a woman named Lynda D’Amico entered our lives in early October.  I scheduled an appointment, and Frankie responded to her immediately. Frankie is “no fan of strangers”, but she accepted Lynda. After the first session with Frankie, I noticed a calmness about her that wasn’t there before. She also slept more soundly, purred and seemed at ease. I went away the following week, and scheduled several sessions with Lynda. When I returned, I was shocked to see Frankie in better spirits (both emotional and physically) than when I left.

Having a career in holistic medicine has allowed me to witness the profound effects of Reiki on cancer patients and those in an emotional or hospice type crisis. That being said, I was surprised at the quick turnaround on an animal and with Frankie’s emotional state and wellbeing.  Lynda has not only helped Frankie feel better with Reiki, but her gift has given Frankie the peace and calmness she's been searching for all these years. As far as Lynda, she's one of the most gracious, patient and kindest human beings I've ever met. Frankie literally lights up when she sees Lynda, and I see the positive difference in Frankie for days after each Reiki session.

I’m grateful to have the extended time I have with Frankie, and for finding Lynda and Reiki to help her enjoy the life she has left here on this earth, and with me.  Thank you. 
Natalie & Frankie, Jersey City, NJ


"As a international flight attendant I face many stressors on a daily basis from jet lag to environmental toxins to interpersonal difficulties. One of my best grounding activities is reiki treatments. Lynda's healing treatments are very intuitive! I am truly amazed to discuss my treatment afterwards. The areas she finds weak are always the areas that are out of balance in my life. I would recommend her healing touch to any and all interested in becoming more balanced!"  
Rebecca H., Cleveland, Ohio


"After Reiki with Lynda my sense of well-being is renewed, and I feel mentally and physically clarified. It is always followed that night by a perfect slumber. I wake up feeling healed and refreshed. I'm grateful to Lynda for bringing this into my life."
Andrea R., Jersey City, NJ


"Before I had Reiki for the first time, I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical. I had always been curious about it, but didn’t really know what to think. The first time, I lay down and closed my eyes and Lynda hovered her hands over my body. A couple minutes into my treatment I felt intense vibrations and heat in my stomach – which is exactly where her hands were hovering.  The feeling moved with her hands up my body and to my throat where I could feel her working through a huge energy blockage. At one point I felt very emotional but after the feeling subsided and I felt exceptionally peaceful, and as if I had worked through something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Since then, I have had Reiki by various practitioners, but Lynda’s energy is really quite special. I find her energy to be very gentle, yet also powerful. She intuitively knows exactly where her hands should go next to work through whatever issues you may be having. I always enjoy the profoundly calm state I am in after seeing her for Reiki, highly recommended!"
Chantal L., North Bergen, NJ


Lynda D'Amico
Reiki Master Teacher